Rice – 2 cups, carrots – 2(big),grated, onion – 1, sliced, oil – 3 tbsp, salt to taste, cinnamon – 1 piece, clove – 3, peanuts – 1/4 cup, coarsely crushed.
To grind:
Coriander seeds – 2 tsp, cumin seeds – 1 tsp, dry red chillies – 3, grated coconut – 4 tsp.
Dry roast the above ingredients & grind to a smooth paste.
Heat oil in a pan & season with cinnamon & clove. Add the onions & fry till golden. Now add the ground paste & fry for a few minutes , sprinkling a littla water if necessary. Add the carrots & stir fry for a few seconds. Then add the rice & four cups of water & transfer pan contents to rice cooker & cook till done. Sprinkle the coarsely crushed peanuts over the cooked rice mixture, mix well & serve hot with curd & onion raitha.

Adapted from Mallika Badrinath’s recipe. She must be the one who had invented this dish, for before she had published this recipe, one never came across this dish! But after she had demonstrated this dish, one started seeing this dish all over the net with people saying that they learnt this recipe from their aunt,friend etc,etc,etc!!!

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