Glorious Ghee Preparations

I’ve learnt how to make Ghee from my friend and reviewed it from

To prepare authentic Indian meals, you have to make ghee first. North, south, east and west, people all over in India know ghee is the best and they love it. All auspicious things in life starts with ghee in India, be it an offering to god or the babies first solid food, people lavish their love with ghee.

It is as easy to make as it sounds. This is how I usually make ghee here: I would buy one pound (4 sticks) of unsalted butter (if you are lucky enough to find bovine hormones free, organic butter, the ghee prepared will be better tasting and more like what we can get in India). Ghee from it lasts for about 3 to 6 months for us.

Take a heavy bottomed vessel, put the butter sticks in it, and on medium heat melt them. When the butter starts to melt, there will be lot of bubbling and gurgling, don’t panic. Reduce the flame to low; in a few minutes this action will subside, next the butter will begin to develop foam at the top.

Simmer on low heat, uncovered and undisturbed, for 30 to 45 minutes, until milk solids on the bottom of the vessel turn from white to golden brown and butter on top becomes transparent. This is the signal to turn off the heat.

What’s happening was milk solids separating into 3 layers, foaming milk solids on top, clarified butter in the middle, protein milk solids on the bottom. Please take caution not to burn the milk solids, it gives off scalded milk smell and you have to throw everything away. Never, ever use high heat to make ghee.

Let it stand for 10 minutes; remove any crust that rises to the surface with a spoon. Strain, discarding the milk solids at the bottom of the vessel, using a coffee filter or cheesecloth (gangi gudda) or simply ladle off the ghee into a dry jar. Store this at room temperature.

When first made or heated, ghee is clear golden oil. At room temperature it will be in solid form. To use, take necessary amount with a dry spoon and remelt. Never use a wet spoon to take ghee, moisture spoils the ghee.

What I do with ghee:

1.Drizzle one tsp of ghee on hot cooked rice. Anything with rice tastes so much better with ghee, particularly the dal, sambhar and rasam.
2.To prepare different types of fried rice.
3.Saut� spices for masala (garam masala, various types of masala or curry powders).
4.For popu or tiragamata (frying the cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves in 1 tsp of ghee).
5.To prepare Indian sweets like payasams, bhakshalu (Poli), burfis, kheers, halwas and laddus.
6.On a toasted bread and on a boiled potato.
7.Garlic roasted in ghee, spread on the bread is garlic-bread at its best.

Anything with ghee is ghee-licious. You can’t go wrong with ghee. Try this ancient Indian staple for an authentic Indian food experience.

You can add a clean, washed sprig of drumstick leaves or a pinch of jeera to give great flavor…

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