Thiruvadhirai kuzhambu

Adapted this recipe from SUNTV

I dont know how many of you knows about Thalagam(thiruvadhirai kuzhambu or kootu) which can be done during thiruvadhirai festival or can be prepared during normal days.

If you prepare this kootu and appalam with rice, that is it. Dont have to prepare anything. It will give extra taste on the next day when you add extra fried onion.

Anyways, here it is-

Thiruvadhirai kuzhambu or kootu:

Mixed vegetable as mentioned for kalasamelara kuzhambu(i.e Mixed veg., like carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, colocasia, cluster,broad beans, chow chow, potato, beans etc. 1/2 kg) 2 cups
Boiled thoor dal 1 cup
tomato otpl. 1 small

Fry and grind in little oil:

channa dal 1 tbsp
dhania 2 tbsp
coconut grated or dessicated 3 tbsp
curry leaves 1 tsp
red chillies 4 to 5
methi seed 1/2 tsp
pepper 1/2 tsp

Seasoning in coconut oil or sesame oil

mustard 1 tsp
hing 1/2 tsp
urad dal 1 tsp

Cook vegetables with water. As I said earlier, either sweet potato or pumpkin is a must for this kootu. cook dal separately.

Fry the above said ingredients and grind nicely. Keep aside.

Do seasoning, add the boiled vegetables with salt, tamarind and haldi. When it starts boiling, add boiled dhal and the ground powder. Let them boil for 5 mts in a medium fire.

Since we put lots of vegetables and dhal, it will take the chilli taste easily. So, you can add extra sambar powder, if you want or while seasoning, add halved chillies.

Can be taken as a sambar or kootu consistency. Either way, the taste will be so so yummy.



1. With the vegetables, you can add cooked white channa, black channa and peanut quarter cup together with the vegetables.

2. Since this dish will be prepared during festival, you are not supposed to put onion. But, the next day(if any leftover is there),
heat oil, add cut onions and tomato, mix the kootu and boil for some time.

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