Low-Cal Cooking Tips

As far as possible, use whole wheat instead of refined flour.

Stevia, a herbal sugar substitute which is 400 times sweeter than sugar claims to have zero calories.

Use jaggery instead of honey as natural substitutes for sugar. They are rich in iron.

Butter can be substituted with buttermilk. If a recipe calls for 100gms butter, use 150gms buttermilk.

If buttermilk makes your cake very dry, add a small quanity of refined oil.

Cream can be substituted with low-cal curds.

You can avoid butter for greasing if you use good butter paper.

If you bake bread at home, give it a water wash instead of a milk wash


One Response to “Low-Cal Cooking Tips”

  1. jhejewhif Says:

    I was goin thru your site and I found it very interesting. The recipes are too good. I was thinking if you were trying to name them “exotic recipes” and there was a typing error and it ended up as “erotic recipes”. Sorry if I am wrong. Good luck!

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